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Turning Heads, Serving Face!

Let’s face it we all want our skin in the best possible condition especially our face. In most cases our face takes the brunt of the changeable weather conditions especially here in the UK, so it needs the most care and maintenance.

Just as you would use a specific daily face moisturiser, why not do this within your tanning session. The skin on your face is more delicate & needs more refined ingredients to help stop breakouts, minimise pores & reduce inflammation. All about that Face has all of these qualities, with a skin rejuvenating Vitamin blend & Liquorice Root to fight free radicals and reduce dark spots.

Why not use it as part of your daily skincare routine like a beauty balm (BB) cream under your make up for a youthful glow. All will love this cream, make it your new obsession… make it All about that Face!