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Work all day...Party all night!

So, everyone has a different lifestyle and mine goes from one extreme to the other...There is no in between.  My weekends consist of either being a healthy eating gym bunny, or an amateur wine taster (which usually involves tasting the whole bottle)!  I have however, found my two new favourite creams that compliment my contradictory way of life.

Tan Inc. Fit Girl is an advanced 100x depth and defined natural bronzer, perfect for me after a workout. ‘Strong really is the new skinny’ as this hydrating cream emphasises every single one of my best assets, pretend toning really is the way forward. It even has tattoo enhancing complex so don’t worry about any fading!

For my not so well behaved weekends I have discovered the new Tan Inc. Way Past Dark. For that even darker oh so glorious deep tan... With a gorgeous Mango fragrance to keep you smelling fresh, the ColorEvolve complex and a lovely kiss of DHA your colour will continue to develop all night long, making even those embarrassing late night pictures look utterly fabulous! Not to mention the added silicone emulsion, leaving your skin silky soft. I managed to pass off that I’d just been for a leg wax.  Oh so smooth.  Just one sun bed with this cream and I’m night out ready!