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2012: Well the world didn’t end . . .

. . . but if it had have ended, you all would have had one hell of a tan! Lots of exciting new products were launched at the start of the season, with black bronzing formulas seemingly more popular than ever.  Here is a list of your top ten best-selling products for 2012 . . .

The Accelerators

1. Fiesta Sun Key Lime Pie – I’d never heard of a Key Lime Pie before (I’m more of a Cornish pasty type of a guy), so this dark tanning accelerator immediately caught my eye. With ingredients including Argan Oil and Lime Juice it really is a tasty accelerator. I used this on several occasions last year to kick start my pasty skin (as in pale, not the pastry variety) into a more desirable bronze colour.

2. Norvell Bio Glo Classic – An oldie, but as it says on the tin, definitely a ‘classic’. A very good customer gave me a tip off about this lotion at the start of the year.  With all the new release lotions arriving, it’s easy to forget about the creams that have been around for a while. This lotion does wonders for any skin type or level of tanning.

3. Devoted Creation Be Scene – This really is a great value cream containing Camu Camu Berries to assist with growth and repair of tissues and collagen formulation.

4. Power Tan Maxx Black – A premium accelerator that gives the same results as a tingle lotion was always going to be a winner! This products’ key ingredient is Algotan, one of the very latest developments in tanning acceleration, which gives unimaginably dark colour.

The Bronzers

5. Pro Tan Love Drunk – Well unfortunately this product does not guarantee love, nor does it get you drunk. However, this was a hit within the Pro Tan ‘Love Me’ collection and is a great cream that gives you that extra bit of colour we all crave.

6. Fiesta Sun Coconut Dream – Using this dreamy cream can easily make you believe you’re on holiday . . . its Coconut scent makes it very popular with beach lovers and the clear bronzers give you a luscious tan to be envied by all.

7. Devoted Creations White 2 Black – ‘Three shades darker in 1 session’ . . . need a tanning lotion say anymore?! Great bronzing results and a consistently re-ordered product.

The Tingles

8. Synergy Tan Poison Apple – We all know apples are good for you . . . poison, not so much . . .  but put them both together and you have one of the most successful tingle creams of 2012. Tingles are not everybody’s lotion of choice, but for those that like it hot, this is a must.

9. Supre Cherry Bomb – An explosive tingle bursting with flavour, this hot, dark tanning bronzer blew up in 2012 – a ‘Runaway’ success!

The Wild Card

10. Tanshots – A drink that helps you tan – easy! Well you would think so . . . ‘No you do not need a needle to inject this’ and ‘No you do not apply the drink onto your skin’ were a few of my responses to some very unusual queries on this one! But Tanshots flew out quicker than the Tamiflu shot in 2012. It may be last on this list but I don’t think that there is a salon in the UK that hasn’t tried these (or at least heard about them). A great addition to your salon counter, and when combined with a sunbed, the results are truly excellent!