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how you tan

Tanning works the same way indoors and outdoors.  Ultraviolet light penetrates the skin causing different reactions. UVA rays are sometimes called the tanning rays and UVB the burning rays because they are more intense than UVA.  Indoor tanning processes are balanced differently, emitting more UVA and much less UVB than the sun, making it a much safer option for many people. UVA light has the effect of oxidising the melanin, tanning the skin in the process.  As a natural process, the melanin absorbs the UVA light and stops it reaching the deeper, more sensitive, layers of skin.  In this way the body’s natural defenses protect your skin from burning… as long as the skin is not overexposed.

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the basics

Our Bodies naturally produce Melanin, some people produce more than others.  Melanin is what creates your skin pigmentation. Ingredients like Tyrosine are found in Professional Tanning products that ‘wake up’ or ‘kick start’ your natural melanin and get it working with the UVA rays. Using a lotion maximises the results of your tanning session. Lotions condition and hydrate the skin before, during and after your session. Remember ‘Dry skin reflects UV light, hydrated skin absorbs it’.

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