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3’s the magic number, 3’s a charm

There is a lot to be said about 3’s. In this case there’s 3 absolutely solid NEW tanning lotions designed specifically for MEN by ProTan.

The “For Men” collection kicks off with what I think, is already a contender for my number 1 pure lotion of 2019. ProTan For Men Ultra Dark Maximizer. Packaged in a sleek Gold and Cream checked print tube is a Dark tanning blend with natural tan enhancers and Tea Tree Oil which help prepare skin for a rich, dark, healthy looking bronze colour. For guy’s wanting to take the next step towards a natural bronze tan, ProTan Ultra Bronze for Men includes natural bronzers plus Caramel providing instant colour with a Streak-Free formula. The metallic Lime Green packaging really stands out! Finally, we have in my opinion, the most Alpha of the bunch. ProTan For Men Ultra Dark Black Bronzer, packed with both DHA & natural bronzers. Presented in a Black and Aqua Blue checked tube this should appeal to even the most discerning of male tanners.

A lot like the 3 amigos, each lotion is close in their Manly ingredients such as Whey Protein which strengthens the skin and Beer extract to condition the skin. All boasting a non-greasy formula which is both fast absorbing and deeply hydrating. The bromance continues with the collection offering Tattoo ColorShield technology and a skin refreshing fragrance resulting in us blokes leaving the salon feeling well-groomed with a scent of masculinity which is sure to turn heads.

Your ego may not be your amigo, however these brand-new lotions from ProTan will certainly boost confidence with some super strong tanning results.