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Always time for a tan!!!

As much as I love my 9 minute costa del sunbed, I also love to fake it! One of my favourite ways to fake it is with a WHITE to BROWN Rapid Spray Tan.


The newly launched WHITE to BROWN tanning range not only looks stunning, it feels amazing on the skin as well. With added skincare benefits such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C and an Aloe Vera base no other tan comes close for me.


The rapid tan has changed the way I tan.  I no longer have to worry about changing my bed sheets after tanning or over developing and smelling of biscuits! With WHITE to BROWN Rapid I can simply have my spray tan, wash it off and be ready for a night out all in the space of 4 hours. Perfect for a spontaneous night out!


WHITE to BROWN Rapid tan works for everyone, regardless of what colour they want to be. If you prefer a light tan, shower after 1 hour. If you prefer a medium tan like me then wash it off after 3 hours and if you love a dark intense tan then it’s just a 5 hour wait.


Not only do I love this but my clients love it too, it came in very handy when I got a phone call at 11am on Saturday from a client who was having their engagement party at 5pm that day. She had resided herself to having to wear the tan to the party without washing it off (not a good look for anyone!) After I sprayed her with the rapid she washed it off with 2 hours to spare before attending her party.  She told me her tan lasted 10 days and she now books in every fortnight to keep up that natural glow!