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As David (probably) said to Goliath, never under-estimate the little guy(s) . . .

Last week saw the landing of behemoth; a delivery of product so epic in proportions it has achieved legendary status here at Bliss. It has been unrivalled by any other in the history of Bliss deliveries and we have even started a new list in its honour, the Top Ten Biggest Bliss Deliveries Ever List (or the ‘TTBBDE’ list for short). Having worked here for over 7 years now, I've seen my fair share of consignment giants arriving in the warehouse (typically 5 minutes before my lunch break). But even in our anticipation of this huge delivery did we dare to dream of such a colossal shipment arriving at our shutters...

Each January we unload the pre-season shipment, which includes all the new products and deals from a variety of brands we carry. It’s a task that requires strength, endurance and sheer courage as we attempt to off-load the many pallets of boxes into our facility, and I've seen many a warehouse operative quiver with fear at the very mention of its’ name.
This year’s shipment surpassed our wildest expectations. Upon its unusually punctual arrival, we began by tackling the 15 cardboard mountains with enthusiasm and vigor  breaking only to mop a sweaty brow or shout rallying encouragement to one another. Just one hour in, we were starting to feel the pressure and having cleared only 4 pallets it seemed like this mammoth might defeat us. But we picked up pace and through our tried and tested line of attack we began to see an end. Finally, almost 3 hours later, we shakily placed the very last box onto the considerably bowed racking.
Arriving back at HQ, we felt like warriors returning from the battlefields, receiving cheers and pats on the back from our fellow colleagues for a job well done. We were rewarded with a round of steaming hot cups of tea from our chief invoicing lady Donna, and as we drank our brews we reflected that yes, it had been a slog, but wow, what a day it had been for Team Warehouse. Needless to say, we've ranked it number one on the ‘TTBBDE’ list.
My final word on the experience is thank God it’s only once a year . . .!