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Buzzing our way into Spring

We all know Spring is coming when we hear the buzzing of bees in the air. I love the way flowers start to bloom and everyone starts looking forward to the Summer! The first thing I do when the air gets warmer is go for a sunbed, I love to be tanned during the warmer months and Fiesta Sun have brought out the perfect lotion to help us feel ready for Spring. Fiesta Sun’s NEW Honey Berry Buzz is a Royally Dark Bronzer with Skin Firming and Smoothing, an amazing lotion to kick start your Summer tan.

This dark bronzing blend, using the power of Honey and Caffeine will not only give you firmer skin but will also smooth unwanted signs of ageing. Just what we need as we start to take off the winter layers! Who doesn’t want a golden bronze colour with the sweet scent of Honey and Berries?

Skin care is a priority for me in Spring, I like to make sure my skin is looking healthy and nourished, ready for those Summer dress days. This lotion is packed with natural moisturising benefits such as Golden Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Monoi de Tahiti and Aloe Vera, helping your skin achieve a younger, more radiant looking glow. I felt Summer dress ready the minute I left the sunbed! Don’t worry about losing your golden glow either, advanced DHA Bronzers help darken and maintain your tan for even longer.

Get ready to take sunny Spring in your stride with Honey Berry Buzz!