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Coco Me!

Coconut Butter when infused with luxurious skin softening Shea Butters, what could be more divine?

I think I have gone to heaven with this NEW Tannymaxx Coconut Tanning Butter, it smells amazing and leaves me with ultra-soft skin, not to mention the added benefit of Aloe Vera & Macadamia ingredients known for their soothing and conditioning properties.

Plunge into a tropical paradise, with a thick Coconut Milk lotion available in two options WITH and WITHOUT bronzer, you can either have a straight tanning accelerator or a bronzer with a hint of DHA allowing you to breakthrough any tanning plateau.

I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to shiny/sparkly things, so I am instantly sold on the look of this lotion! The packaging has a lovely gloss effect to it that will stand apart from other lotions on the shelf and your customers will be impressed at the price… £10 for a tube, for such a rich feeling lotion they are most definitely getting their monies worth.