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Demo Eye-wear With Your Flashlight

Do you struggle with ways to get your salon guests to wear eye protection for every tanning session?

Here’s a unique solution!

When faced with a tanner who says, “I don’t wear eye protection”, pick up a small flashlight and say, “See this?  It’s a small flashlight.  Close your eyes.  Can you see the light through your lids?” The salon guest will squint; the light from a tiny flashlight held a few feet from the eyes is amazingly bright!

Then say, “Of course you can see the light, you’re squinting! This is a just a little flashlight—you can imagine that the light from the lamps in my sunbed are much brighter, right?”

Next, hold the flashlight against the palm of your hand, and ask the tanner what they can see when they look at the back of your hand.  Your customers will admit they can see the outline of your finger bones and some veins.  It’s not long before the light bulb goes off (excuse the pun) in your tanners’ heads.  It’s a great time to explain that, of course, their eyelids are thinner than your hand and of course, the lamps in sunbeds put out a lot more power than the five-watt flashlight bulb!  A base sunbed has 400-watt lamps near the face and high pressure beds or a bed with facials have at least 1000 watts directly above your face.  You don’t want that kind of UV exposure to ruin your vision because you tanned without eye protection!

Here’s another quick test that doesn’t even need a flashlight.  Ask your skeptical salon guest to close their eyes, point their face upward looking at a ceiling light, close their eyes, and wave their hand in front of their eyes.  Ask your customer if they can see the shadow of their hand passing over their closed eyes, even though their eyes are closed. Of course, the tanner can.  You can then explain that the 100-watt light is 15 feet from their eyes and filtered by your hand.  The sunbed they will use today has up to 1000 watts of power and the lamps will be 12-18 inches their face.  And ask if they aren’t sure they want to wear eye protection?

I hope you enjoy these ideas to introduce more of your tanners to eye-wear and protected tanning!