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Fade Away - Protecting Your Valuable Body Art

Like so many other tanners I’ve spent a fortune on numerous tattoos so the last thing I want to see is them fading or dulling while I tan. The sad fact of it is, UV light, be it natural or artificial, fades your tattoos! The UV rays are absorbed and break up the particles in your tattoo.

Unless you have speciality products that are designed to not only protect them, but also RESTORE and rejuvenate them. More and more manufacturers are launching products with “Tattoo Colour Shield” to help tanners in the same position as me and here at Bliss we stock them all! Without boring you with too much science let me try and explain how these products work to protect tattooed skin while boosting your tanning results:

The pH balance of the skin changes after it has been tattooed. Zinc and Magnesium contained in these specialist products act as a barrier on the imbalanced tattooed skin. The barrier acts as a shield from UV for 20 to 30 minutes protecting those valuable tattoos while you tan, thus avoiding any fade. Then added Sea Kelp and Algae retain moisture in the skin which in turn restores and rejuvenates colour.

All the products we stock with this technology are also packed full of accelerating properties so tanners will still get the results they crave.

So, if you too have tattoos or more importantly have a lot of clients with tattoos it’s essential to educate them on the benefits of using a specialist product when tanning. Don’t like changing your tanning lotion? Fear not, for tanners who simply love the product they use and don’t want to switch, ProTan do a Tattoo Fade Shield stick which can be used in conjunction with any lotion and is great to take on holiday too! More and more after tan moisturisers are also coming to market with the same technology so you can even protect tattoos after your session.

For more information on which products to stock containing this amazing technology, simply call us and we can go through the different products available.