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It's a kind of a magic!

Do you believe in Magic? Let’s keep it real! If we get really technical you can use the word ‘Magic’ when you are referring to an event that is so wonderful, strange, or unexpected that it seems as if supernatural powers have caused it. For example, this means that if you tried something and really didn’t expect the results it gave you, you could call it Magic, right?

Made of Magic Mythical Body Moisturiser by ProTan is the closest you will get to any kind of Magic! I wasn’t a believer until I tried it. This moisturiser will not only condition your skin, but it will leave you with a radiant glowing complexion. This is down to the added Tyrosine and Carob Extract that work to enhance your tan for longer, lasting colour. ProTan Made of Magic includes Tattoo Colourshield Technology that helps preserve and brighten your skin, stopping body ink from fading (definitely Magic). This shield is created by providing intense hydration! ProTan Made of Magic contains so many luxurious ingredients such as Shea Butter, Vitamins A, C and E, even Blueberry and Lavender Extract that are rich in Antioxidants ready to revitalise your skin!

POOF! As if by Magic your skin looks and feels so much better…

If you want a magical, mythical experience, let out your inner unicorn and try ProTan Made of Magic!