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Its not what you Know… It’s who you See!

Recently at Bliss we have all had a refresher in the importance of Eye Protection and why we SHOULD all be doing it! Protecting our Eyes should be high on everyone’s agenda, but it is particularly important when it comes to UV rays whether this outdoors in the Sun or at your favourite tanning salon, why risk damage to your eyes when you have so many options… you may look a little bit daft but who cares when it comes to maintaining your eye health.

One of the main issues I hear when it comes to eye protection is… ‘is it going to give me Panda eyes?’ simple answer… The easiest way to avoid this is adjusting the angle of your goggles slightly during your session, makes sense right!
I am always surprised at the people I speak to that don’t wear Eye Protection (usually they get told off!) Recently I was at one of Bliss’s training sessions and overheard one of the ladies say she goes on her phone so needs to be able to see and the disposable Eye Protection her salon stocks just gets stuck to her lashes and she paid a lot money for them to look that good!

EUREKA MOMENT – Winkease have just released a LASHROOM product, same design and cost as the traditional Gold Winkease but now with a deeper cone to fit over long length lashes or lash extensions. So, I got the ladies together and asked them to try the samples we had with us… Feedback was great, they were easy to put on, comfortable around the eye and best of all, easy to see through! Winkease are designed to protect against UV rays whilst allowing the user freedom to see out. So, these ladies can tan whilst catching up with the latest news/gossip on their phones, all were happy and wanted some for their next sessions.

Winkease Lashroom is not just for the ladies either, I know plenty of guys that have tried them and commented on how comfortable they are to wear, so this could be a great addition your tanning routine as well as looking after those eyes!
Eye Protection shouldn’t be something we forget about when we tan, it should be as important as your treasured tanning cream that gives you a gorgeous glow! Whether you have the perfect pair of Goggles, Ilidz or Podz, or you would rather a pair of Winkease we have something for everyone at Bliss.

If you do want to give the NEW Lashroom a try, please call us on 01132 456002 or contact me for a sample to trial.

Happy Tanning