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Karat me quick!

I’ll always remember those holidays in Spain when I was young. My mum used to buy the cheapest bottle of Carrot Oil from the nearest souvenir shop and absolutely cake herself in it, everyone always swore by Carrot Oil! I grew up to love the stuff until I started working in the tanning industry where I learned all about all the amazing science that goes into UV tanning creams that will not only give you a glorious tan, but care for and nourish your skin as well.

‘Karat’ by Body Butter is my new favourite lotion. This cream is a Skin Firming and Softening Dark Tanning Butter that will build and maintain your skins natural glow. Infused with Helio Carrot Oil and Shea Butter ‘Karat’ provides soft, hydrated and deep tanning results, my skin has never felt so good! Helio Carrot Oil is a powerful anti-oxidant with high levels of Beta-Carotene and Vitamins A and E. This ingredient helps prevent sun damage and aid with the production of new skin cells. I love the thought of caring for my skin whilst achieving a healthy-looking glow.

With an Exotic Coconut Fragrance Body Butter Karat really gave me that holiday feel. It’s multiple dark tan activators create such a natural looking colour everyone thought I’d been away too! I made my mum try this cream and she adores it, it really brings back the good old days for her and with a powerful anti-ageing peptide that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles she likes to think she’s gone back in time too!

Treat your skin and choose ‘Karat’, this extremely hydrating tanning butter will ensure you never look back!