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Maxx Black Ultra X Oil ......Vanishes like magic

I am a big fan of Maxx Black Lotion, so last year when we heard that we were getting Maxx Black Ultra X Oil I was intrigued, I had never used an Oil and frankly the thought of going back to work after my Sunbed session a greasy slippery mess has always scared me off.  However we all like to try the new products we get here in the Bliss Office, so we can give you, our fantastic customers an honest review. I decided to be daring and try out Maxx Black Ultra X Oil 4 ml capsules.

I found that 1 x 4ml capsule didn’t quite cover it for me (I am sure it would cover most, but we are all different shapes and sizes) luckily I had the forethought to grab a couple of capsules and away with my session I went. The Oil serum was smooth, rubbed in quickly and did not leave a greasy residue; it smelled great, Citrusy and fresh, all big plus points for me!

So this year I got super excited when we found out that we were getting a 100ml bottle, mainly because I was always using 2/3 capsules each session. So for me having a bigger bottle gave me more confidence to apply liberally. My favourite thing about the product is the deep long lasting tan I get after a session, I am captivated by the colour that I get and the science behind this is..... Carotene infused oil, rich in vitamins A, C & E and antioxidants – this nourishes your skin and combats free radicals leaving you with a beautiful tan.

An additional benefit is can buy this Product with a sleek counter display; with a small footprint it is great for even the smallest salon counter. An extra salon bonus is this oil won’t harm you acrylic! So no worrying about the mess some oils can cause.

Ultra X Oil 100ml   
£11.00 Salon
£22.00 RRP
Display Deal (12 x 100ml) 
£110.00 Salon 
£264.00 RRP