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Out with the old and in with the new!!!

Speed of light? Pfft, we’ve got better than that!

Some would call me spoilt and say nothing is ever enough, but why settle for something good when you could have something AMAZING. I love relaxing on a sunbed and trying out lotions, my favourite type of lotion is a pure accelerator, simple yet effective! A lot of people think accelerators are all the same, but they’re not at all. ProTan have some fabulous lotions but their new cream ‘Desirably Dark’ is one of a kind. As soon as I applied Desirably Dark, I thought ‘this is quite a thick cream’, I didn’t expect it to soak into my skin very well, but I was wrong! A thick and creamy formula that soaks into the skin with hardly any effort and a super fresh fragrance. Desirably Dark has a blend of Sunflower, Aloe Vera and Vitamins A, C and E to give your skin a vibrant glow, and it doesn’t just make sure your skin looks good! Blackberry Extract is an antioxidant that works well with Grape Seed and Sugar Cane to prevent free radicals, keeping your skin happy and healthy. An Accelerator with 3x more acceleration than any other in our ProTan ‘Saturnia’ range has got to be a winner!

A Passion for Fashion…

They do say you’ve got to be cruel to be kind! If you’re anything like me, you want a colour you can not only see but can feel too. ProTan’s NEW Fashionably Hot is a Heated Natural Bronzer that will test your limits in heat and in colour! The power of natural bronzers combined with skin stimulators gives you a burst of heat for a dark golden-brown hue. A tingle works by causing the blood to rise to the surface of your skin, making your skin turn red! This makes the tanning process even quicker, imagine the results from this, then add a few streak free natural bronzers on top…the colour is insane! I couldn’t believe how well the tingle and natural bronzers in this cream worked together, I achieved the perfect glow. ProTan Fashionably Hot doesn’t just make sure you look good, it keeps your skin radiant and healthy with Plum, Peach and Cherry Extract, the perfect multivitamins, while Sunflower, Aloe Vera and Monoi de Tahiti Oil leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturised. If you have a flair for fierce style and want to keep up with the hottest trends you must try ProTan Fashionably Hot!