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Party Season Self Tan Tips

The perfect party tan requires a little bit of forward thinking but when done well, it will help you to sparkle all the way through the Christmas period! I’m sure it comes as no surprise when you hear that the key to a good tan comes down to the type of tanning product you use, but equally important are the steps you take to prepare the skin, how you apply the tan and how to keep it looking good. So, as a professional trainer and self-confessed fake tan queen, here are my top tips for the ultimate golden glow – suitable for every festive shindig in your diary this year!

Step 1 – Choose your product

It can take years to find a great tanning product and it’s no exaggeration when I say that I have tried at least 20 brands in the last 6 years alone. I’ve finally found a product that’s perfect for me but everyone has their own individual requirements from a self tan product whether it’s a great smell, the depth of colour or the additional moisturising ingredients. Try as many as you can to find your perfect match and also try lots of formula types too, as you might find that you prefer using a fast-drying mist to say, the classic lotion or mousse types.

Step 2 – Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Never underestimate the effect exfoliating has on creating a flawless tan. It’s a step most tanners miss out as it takes a little forward planning, but this is essential when aiming to achieve a streak-free, long-lasting colour. I always recommend to students that they exfoliate at least 24 hours before applying their self tan which gives time for the pores to close. Try exfoliating ‘dry’ (i.e., before getting into the shower) and you’ll find that it helps to remove more dead skin cells and makes the skin feel much smoother. Make sure you also do all you shaving/waxing the night before too and avoid using oil-based moisturisers, as this can stop from the tan from developing to its full potential.

Step 3 – Apply yourself

Once prepped, your skin will have the ideal base for the tan to develop, but the application of the tanning product you’ve chosen will ultimately determine how your tan will look once developed. Take time to apply the tan; if using a lotion, liquid or mousse then swift, circular motions with a tanning mitt or gloves helps to give even coverage before the product begins to take to the skin. Use sparingly over drier areas of the skin like the elbows and knees – try putting a thin layer of moisturiser on here beforehand which should stop the product from over-grabbing and looking too dark. A tanning mist or spray can often give much more even coverage and again a quicker approach is better. Try holding the can approximately 15cms away from the skin and lightly sweeping the spray forwards and backwards over the skin, turning and adjusting the spray pattern over the area of the body as required. Most sprays cans have a 360° nozzle to aid easier application and the best allow constant coverage, even when held upside down.

Step 4 – Glow forth

When you’ve worked this hard for a great tan, make sure you keep it! As soon as your tan has fully developed (either after 8 hours or overnight), apply a good quality moisturiser or tan extending product as often as you can. This is critical for getting a long-lasting colour that fades evenly. Although a tan extender might sound like another gimmick to get you to spend more cash, they often have a small amount of DHA (the essential ingredient in all self tanning products) which enriches the tan and makes it go further. Look for other key moisturising ingredients such as Hemp Seed Oil, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter which can really make your tan glow!

Enjoy yourself this party season and get in touch with the team for further details on the best self tanning products available from Bliss this year.