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Preparation for reopening

We know many of you have been spending this period redecorating, upgrading and preparing for when you can get your doors back open to the public.  Here at Bliss we’ve been delighted to hear about the different approaches to ensuring all safety measures are met and hygiene standards adhered to.  Our customers have really been taking proactive and sensible steps to ensure everyone will be safe whilst enjoying their services.


Outlined below is a very brief guide to preparing your business for customers to start safely coming back through your doors:


Deep Clean

The best place to start is with a deep clean of your salon.  With no customers inside this is the ideal time to clean all the nooks and crannies you would normally not get chance to.  Remember to get under the beds if you can as this is one place there is often a build up of dust and dirt.  Acrylics should be cleaned inside and out if possible and all hard surfaces thoroughly sanitised.


Stock up on supplies 

It’s a great idea to have plenty of cleaning supplies in as you will no doubt be using a lot more than usual.  We have a range of cleaning products in stock, from bed cleaner to multi surface sanitisers.  Eye protection is another necessity and is certainly in high demand.  Disposable eyewear is one of the easiest options, but we have a range of choices to suit your needs.


Online Training

There are many online training providers offering Covid-19 courses.  We have looked in to a few of the popular courses and would recommend the Virtual College Course.  It is completely free and you are emailed a certificate upon completion.  Remember, it’s not only important that you are armed with the relevant information but even more so for your team.  Ask them all to complete the course before returning to work so they can show they have an understanding of the correct procedures and precautions.


Risk assessment

Many insurance companies are asking clients to complete a Covid Risk Assessment for their business.  Even if you haven’t been asked to complete one it is best practice to have one and to ensure all the team are familiar with it.  The Sunbed Association recently mailed an example assessment to their members and there are other examples that can be found online and tailored to suit your individual needs.



We believe at this current time it would be best practice to run on appointments where possible.  This will be more important in salons with a limited number of beds and little to no waiting areas.  It's one way to avoid a queue of expectant tanners outside your premise.  Our popular salon software Salon Tracker is a great way to get your salon appointments digital, it can even link in to Facebook so clients can book through your fb page.  Why not try to see if your clients are responsive to the idea.  


Communicate with your clients

It’s important to let your clients know what you're doing to ensure that they and your staff remain safe, while offering the same great service.  Reassurance that you're maintaining all possible hygiene and safety standards will be vital to getting clients back through your doors.


We will make mistakes 

Don’t worry about making mistakes in the early stages.  This is new to us all and a massive change in company culture.  Don’t beat yourself up too much if not everything runs smoothly to start with.  It will be a learning curve for us all and we are all in this together!


We’re here for you every step of the way!  You're welcome to call or email us with any queries or concerns you have regarding getting back to work.