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Did someone say NEW PRODUCT in our ProTan Beaches and Crème Collection?? It’s true! Beaches and Crème have brought out an amazing new lotion like no other! This ‘ALL-IN INTENSIFYING SERUM’ is silicone free and packed with Carrot Oil (the current must have ingredient) – Why is it called Beaches and Crème ALL-IN? Let me explain…

It's called Beaches and Crème ALL-IN for a really good reason… it has everything in it to provide you with the ultimate tanning experience! You can use this lotion for not only your typical UV Tanning session (with the use of Tyrosine), but also prior to Spray Tanning and Red Light Therapy... It seriously appeals to ANY customer! It seems strange, applying a lotion all over before a spray tan, but it really does work. Beaches ALL-IN is a pH Balancing lotion, which means it doesn’t disrupt your skins natural defence system. It is super absorbent (and I mean it literally soaks straight in!) and prepares the skin to take on the solution, it works by helping to eliminate any dry skin which can cause discolouration during your spray tan.

Beaches and Crème All-In Intensifying Serum contains many different ingredients that promote collagen production such as Vitamin C, Retinol, Peptide, Aloe Extract and many more… which is why it works so well with Red Light Therapy (its technically a hybrid lotion). There are many more amazing ingredients too such as Carrot Oil which aids melanin production, Shea Butter & Mushroom extract to provide maximum skin hydration and Violet Extract which helps counteract any orange tones! I won’t bore you with anymore, but you can’t really get any better than this Accelerator!

For a lotion that can be used in all aspects of your salon, reach for ProTan Beaches and Crème All-In… I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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