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Product Review – Sunshot Tan & Beauty Drink

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to attend a wedding in Italy. Being a glamorous affair I knew I needed to make sure my tan would be worthy of a Tuscan holiday. Being someone who seems to have not time for anything (and at this point resembled Caspar the ghost) I needed a base tan, quick! I have had previous success with the Sunshots so decided to return to the sun saviour drink to boost my none-existent tan.

I used the drinks as part of my tanning regime and was pleasantly surprised to find the added Collagen in them. As the sun is a major player in draining collagen reserves, it made sense that this was an added ingredient to keeping your skin looking and also feeling great. I found that it not only aided my tan, but made my hair and nails more healthy – perfect for photos in the lavish sun-soaked hills of Tuscany!