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Protecting your peepers . . .

The importance of wearing eye protection during your session is essential, and it is estimated that 20% of tanners in the UK still do not protect their eyes.

Eyewear protects the eyes from harmful UV light, and simply closing the eyelids does not fully protect the eyes against these rays. The short term risk is corneal burning and one of the long term risks includes damaged cataracts.

Protecting the eyes could not be simpler or easier, and there are many options clients can choose between, from disposable eyewear such as Wink-ease and Eyecones to the longer lasting options such as iGoggles and iDomez.

The disposable options are great for quick and easy use, and are super hygienic too, reducing the risk of passing on infections. These also screen out 99% of UVA and UVB rays and are comfortable, lightweight and easy to assemble.

As long as the re-useable goggles are sterilised on a daily basis then there should be no problems with regards to infections, or better still, clients can buy their own to eliminate this.

Eyewear does not last forever though and we recommend replacing goggles on a regular basis to ensure the best possible defence.