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You had me at Rosé

I like all types of wine, but Rosé is by far my favourite, fruity, refreshing and great ice cold.

This amazing Dark Bronzer is packed with Black Walnut, Caramel & DHA for a cocktail of colour that oozes exceptional results.

A good wine stems from the Grape & this lotion is no different, Grape Seed is full of rich antioxidants that leave your skin glowing, while the Rose Extract improves the texture of your skin softening wherever it touches and packed with moisturising & nourishing Oils.

We all need a bit of help with skin perfecting & firming in our lives this lotion has the same CX2 formulation that the Love Me Collection is known for, great for smoothing fine lines & wrinkles giving a more youthful appearance.

Beautiful colour, fresh fragrance & fantastic ingredients, where there’s a will there’s a Rosé…

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